Surface the information that
gives your business the edge

We build the business intelligence platform that will give your business the edge, with the tools you already own.


Leverage data

Businesses invest a great deal in database solutions which span the enterprise. Even more in implementing these solutions. The payoff is rarely implemented successfully, namely making sense of the patterns and meaning in all that precious data.


Use the tools you own

Many businesses already own the technologies needed to unearth the intelligence in the heap of data. All that's needed are skills to use these technologies and develop custom solutions.


Intelligent Business

Business Intelligence is used to provide insight into data. Excel and browser dashboards that will surface your information in an insightful way. Simple to use and a powerful edge over your competition.


Problem solving data management


Preventing Problems

There is a shortage of skilled Database Administrators in The Bahamas. At some point the problems from lack of maintenance become a front page issue for management, who should be focusing on operations. We can set up a plan to manage your database servers, and ensure your data is protected and your database servers running smoothly.


Fixing Problems

Poorly maintained databases lead to slow downs, locks and worse. We can find the root cause of these issues and develop a road map to resolve them. After investing in a good solution, make sure you're getting the best performance from that investment.